Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Coco Café Review

So the guys over at Coco Café just sent us a taster box of their new drinks.  I have three words: New favourite drink!

They sent us two parcels. One was a box full of Coco Café’s with both the Original Blend latte and the Mocha Blend.

It came in an awesome box, wrapped like it had been washed up on the beach from some distant land.  I really like when companies add these personal touches. Business nowadays isn’t about bombarding people with advertising, it’s about engaging your audience and doing things differently. We also received a second box full of all the different flavours of Vita Coco, which I was already a massive fan boy of so I was pretty pleased with that.

Anyways down to the important stuff.

The Original Blend.

So what they’ve done here is mix a shot of coffee in with some pure coconut water. Sounds weird, but it works. I chilled this beast for like 2 days before drinking and it was awesome. I really like ice coffee, even in the depths of winter, but I find that sometimes it can get a bit too sickly. This is the ideal replacement. It’s not too sweet nor does it taste too watered down which was my initial concern. The flavour is just right as well with the coffee not being overpowering enough to keep you awake for days #starbucks, but it has enough kick. This is an ideal drink for pretty much anytime of the day, and it’s healthy too with all that coconut excellence. I’ll definitely be picking up a few more of these for post training and just for lazy Sundays.

The Mocha

This one was slightly stronger in the flavour but still just as great. It definitely has a slightly more chocolate taste to it as you would expect but it’s still just as good. 
It’s not as drinkable as the original but that’s just my own personal opinion. I’ve actually seen more people around London sipping on the Mocha Blend as opposed to the Original Blend. Either way, I see both of these taking off the way Vita Coco has done, especially when the summer finally arrives on this side of the planet. I also see the guys have released a vanilla version which I didn’t get to try but it sounds awesome. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on that soon!

Here’s some quick fire facts about the drink so you maths nerds who hate reading can see how awesome it is.

·         No artificial sweeteners
·         No artificial colors
·         5 essential electrolytes (Perfect for rehydration and hangovers)
·         Zero Fat
·         140 calories per 11.1 oz. serving
·         More potassium than a banana!

Unfortunately you can’t buy it in your local Tesco’s just yet but keep your eyes peeled or just order it online, you won’t regret it!

By Viren Samani (@VirenSamani1)  

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