Friday, 26 April 2013

#PrayforBoston #PrayforIran #PrayforPakistan… But what else can we do?

It seems like every other day there is another disaster in the world be it an explosion, an earthquake, a shooting and with each disaster comes a stream of sympathetic messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.
Twitter users around the world can view certain phrases or words that are trending amongst tweeters; that is to say that people can see what is most being talked and tweeted about. Whilst it is nice to know that people are recognising the anguish and suffering of others in their hour of need, surely there must be more we can do than just tweet or like a page on Facebook?

   1)      Educate.
We need to educate the young and old about what is going on in the world and recognise that whilst it is a shocking and devastating to hear of the bombings in Boston, that these tragic occurrences are taking place every day around the world. Just because they have fallen out of the media spot light it does not mean they should be forgotten. It is only when we start to understand conflicts around the world and the consequences that they have on the people that we can begin to do more than just pray for people who are suffering.
Don’t take my criticism of the hash tag #Prayfor x-y-z as a means of me saying that it should not be tweeted or posted on social media platforms, but there has to be more we can do? We live in a world with so many ways of interacting and connecting to people across the globe – so why don’t we?

   2)      Write! Or Email!
Writing hand written letters has become a forgotten art, but with the advances in technology forever moving forward it is now even easier to send an email be it from your phone, tablet, computer, ps3… you see where I’m going with this.
Most newspapers have websites on which readers can write comments or even comment articles on current issues – so why not voice your opinions. Change does not happen in one day, but it’s important to share what you have to say and to discuss with others the cause of issues in the worlds and the ways in which we can begin to restore some faith in humanity.

   3)      Fundraise!
There are so many ways to fundraise for a cause you feel passionate about!
Here are some suggestions but there are lots more!
- Sponsored silence
-Cake Sale
-Sell your unwanted clothes or items
-Hula Hoop Contest
-Talent Contest
Whatever way you decide to fundraise, it’s a great fun way to raise money for a cause that’s important to and a brilliant way to educate friends and sponsors alike on why your causes is important

  4)      Travel!
An ambitious way of showing your support, but if you have the money, resources and time – then why not! Travel to an area in need of aid and volunteer. Not only will it look great on your CV but you’ll have an active role in helping those who most need help!
There is of course so much more we as individuals can do to show our support for those around the world worse off than we are, but I hope on reading this you feel inspired to go that little bit extra than a just a tweet or a post!

By Farah Chowdhury  (@seefaraway)

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