Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy Women's Day!

From being blamed for the temptation of Adam, Eve and all her descendants have been feeling the repercussions of that apparent incident since the beginning of modern times. Women have never been born with a silver spoon, nor have they had favourable conditions in this “man’s world”.  From having their feet bound in ancient China, to having to endure the senseless genital mutilation which plagues many young girls today, women have been attacked directly and indirectly continually over the centuries. Nevertheless, they have constantly prevailed and shown us all, the true excellence and talent which human beings possess. From Boudicca to Rosa Parks, women have proved that their resilience and determination are dually insurmountable and should be rightly honoured. We take this day to admire these women who form the backbone of society and silently work, hands weary, and heads tired, striving for a better day.


Although we only have one day to celebrate such a momentous event, please, let’s not forget that our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, are all strong women who never flounder or fail in the sight of struggle and are always there to pick us up when we fall. Countless men over the years have sealed their fates in the history books, but women have been woefully overlooked. So whether the women in your life is the next Prime Minister, or simply the one who is always there for you, respect her for the Queen which she is and award her the accolades she deserves, not only today, but all year round. Happy Women’s Day!

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